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MrilQ – It’s a Lifestyle!

How about taking a break and indulging yourself in MrilQ?
Yes, because MrilQ is all about YOU

Simple soothing products woven from the myriad hues of nature to work wonders on your skin, as you go about in an increasingly hectic world!

Inspired by ancient Indian scriptures, analysed in the light of modern science, sincerely re-crafted out of the foliage, herbs and hues abundantly found in the Indian soils, river beds & lakes – MrilQ is here to rewrite a whole new skin story.

Come, discover the secrets…

MrilQ – My Birth: A concept

Man stands today at a moment where he is threatened by pollution, inner and outer, of his own making. In the quest to explore a single universal solution for purification, maintenance and sustenance of the outer covering of our body, the SKIN through the concept of using of five primal elemental energies: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Ether, that I was born…

Welcome to the world of MrilQ – a mix of earthy wonders made from the flowers, fruits, cereals and herbs of India, infused with the therapeutic magic of the land’s mineral rich soils, clean mountain air, cascading waterfalls and the time-tested powers of ancient science.

Every MrilQ product has story to tell… the tales of a mystic land.

Purity of an Indian Plateau

MrilQ is singularly derived from the soils of Jharkhand, a place situated in the picturesque Chota Nagpur plateau of India. Surrounded by green mountains, lakes and rivulets, the land is nature’s treasure house of minerals. Soothing the soul, restoring the spirit and reviving the senses! The beauty is further accentuated by the tribals inhabiting the place in joyous harmony with nature. MrilQ celebrates the essence of Jharkhand in all its innocence and vitality.

Experience the freshness…

Energy of the Elements

The name MrilQ is derived from the word ‘Mrinal’ meaning Lotus, which even while growing in the swamps retains its amazing radiance, beauty and freshness.

On a broader sense, the ‘M’ signifies Man - the YIN, balanced in life by ‘Q’ the YANG personified by the Feminine considered a mystery...a quest. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, YIN and YANG are manifestations of the 5 elements of Nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Theses life forces co-exist on earth along with the human body which in itself is ‘Vital Energy’, maintaining the body’s holistic balance with the energy exuded in each season. MrilQ is made to restore the balance - between you and nature.

Reviving Tradition

As a tribute to ancient healing techniques, MrilQ is formulated in powder form which is 100% natural with 0% fillers. The granules in the powder form have the dual effect of adsorbing the impurities from the skin while letting it absorb the goodness of the natural ingredients. Made in sanctified environs, in hygienic earthen vessels, most of the formulations are first of their kind and patented.

Skin Science: Surface chemistry

MrilQ - I am granular in nature. I am to be mixed with water and applied all over the face and neck, left for a few minutes to dry, and washed off with plain water. As I am in powder form (used in ancient healing) the surface area for absorption and adsorption is very high. When gently rubbed against the skin, each granule acts as an agent for ADSORPTION of dust & grime, and the skin remains in agitated state while being scrubbed.

The fine pores on the surface of the skin are ready for absorption of lost nutrients. The thermal agitation makes the skin a warm receptacle, just the perfect one to facilitate the ABSORPTION of the essential nutrients by the skin from the powdery wash. The granular nature intensifies the absorption process.

Powdered form for dual effect of cleansing (Adsorption) & nourishing (Absorption) the Skin due to the unique product chemistry.