The Art & Science of Wellness Management is An Natural, Seven Dimensional deeply relaxing, soothing and transformational experience which boosts up the immunity of the body .

The lymph is the seat of the immune system, and has a profound influence on the healthful appearance and function of the skin as the body’s largest detoxifying organ.

The theory behind the technique is simple. The skin continuously produces new cells, specially when face is deep cleansed & relaxing( during sleep) and in the process of doing so, any interruptions in the cell production can cause roughness, dryness, dark spots and wrinkling, which results in skin imperfections.

When certain Lymphotology points on the face are stimulated with the appropriate pressure, metabolism and blood circulation improves, which are the two primary requirements for effective cell reproduction. Lymphotology Massage Technique (as shown in the infographic below) when applying moisturizers/serums, the interruptions can be reduced since the technique causes greater blood circulation and overturning of cells.