Invoke the magic of the Panchatatva

Permit the five elements of nature to bring out the best in YOU.

"According to the ancient Indian philosophy of Panchatatva, the entire universe, and thus our bodies, are made up of just five basic Dhatus (Elements): Bhumi (Earth), Apas (Water), Tejas (Fire), Pavana (Air) and Akash (Space). These life forces co-exist and their right balance ensures harmony and thus well-being. It is these forces that bring the balance and harmony to human minds and bodies. Skin being the largest organ is most frequently and easily affected by imbalance of any kind, leading to various acute( short term) or chronic ( long term) skin problems.

At MrilQ, we want to rewrite your skin story, not with magic of any form but the science and synchronised effect of all the five elements of nature. Mind, body and spirit when align with these forces of nature will give make you glow and shine from within. Because it is your skin your largest organ which is going to receive the goodness and pampering of nature in abundance with us at MrilQ.

All our products at MrilQ, are made to be absorbed 100% by the body, this is possible because only after a deep study of the physiology and working of this beautiful machine called human body have we formulated our products, which come from nature as a blessing to us.

Get ready, for your skin to GLOW TO THE GODS, and be radiant like never before, hop on and join our initiative to spread the enchantment and goodness of the panchtatva.

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