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RooT RevivE™: Combo Hair Pack

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 RooT RevivE™: Combo Hair Pack consists of a COMBO PAIR of a “HaiR StrengtheninG PacK™ & HaiR NourishinG PacK™”

Pack 1: HAIR NOURISHING PACK™ : Cassia, Clove, Marigold, Water Spinach, Basil, Mango

  • A powerhouse of herbs specially selected to nourish & strengthen the Keratin structure of your hair.
  • Naturally conditions all textures of hair, adding luster, shine and volume
  • Highlights natural light hair color, improves scalp  and eliminates dandruff.
  • Suitable for all hair textures, the “ Nourishing Pack” can work wonders when it comes to conditioning.
  • It is packed with naturally occurring nutrients that can help restore and renew your hair structure.
  • Overly dry scalp, tends to disappear with the use of the nourishing pack. The pack delivers nutrients to the scalp when mixed with water and applied as a paste.
  • Deep curls form back to their natural shape while making the hair extra soft.
  • It makes the hair feel thicker, smoother, and provides a great sheen.
Pack 2: HAIR STRENGTHENING PACK™: Mustard, Betel, Amla, Hibiscus, Mango

  • The Hair Fuel ™, a mixture of rare hair herbs, mixed using traditional ayurvedic process, it is an excellent source of magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin B6 amongst others.
  • It strengthens and nourishes the Hair Roots from deep within
  • StrengtheninG PacK™ is to be applied after a week of applying NourishinG PacK™.
  • Promotes blood flow and circulation – key element in your hair growth process
  • StrengtheninG PacK™ improves hair integrity, thickness of each strand, hair volume & helps in controlling hair fall.
  • Being rich in magnesium it is easily absorbed through sweat glands and hair follicles.
  • Magnesium also dissolves scalp calcium deposits known as “calcification of hair follicles”. These deposits are usually a result of hair product build up, using hard water common to urban areas, DHT, oils and dead skin.
  • Magnesium from mustard helps dissolve those deposits which opens up the hair follicle freeing it up for hair growth.

Features: Cruelty-free, Plant-based , No Chemicals, No preservatives, Traditionally processed

USP : Hair root strengthening & nourishing pack.

Safety: Safe for kids, Teratogenicity safe

Pack 1 might cause a tangy, tightening discomfort after

application which stays for the entire length of application.

This is because of activation of follicles.


  • Patch test before application as it may contain flowers, pollens seeds or nuts.
  • Scrub the scalp gently while washing. DO NOT SCRUB if there are rashes or eruptions on the scalp
  • Additional Information


    NOTE: Please do note, that there is no guarantee that the “Nourishing Pack” will pull golden tones on every person's hair. There’s a 50/50 chance it could work for your hair. It can be tough for greys. 

    The application process is to be started with NourishinG PacK™ and after a gap of one week, StrengtheninG PacK™ is to be applied.

    Both the packs should be applied on clean & dry- scalp & hair.

    Step 1: APPLICATION OF Hair NourishinG PacK™

    Product Preparation:

    • For shoulder length hair: 50 grams of NourishinG PacK™ powder is to be taken in a clean bowl and 100 ml of water is to be added to it.
    • Leave for 15 minutes.
    • The product will absorb water and might become a bit dry.
    • More water is to be added to form a pancake batter like consistency.

    Application process:

    • To be applied on the entire hair length and scalp.
    • Leave for 30 minutes.
    • To be washed off with water.
    • Follicle Stimulating Hair Oil: HealthY HaiR™ is to be applied after the hair on dry hair.
    • To be shampooed off the next day (preferably) with M&D Kashyam™ based shampoo.

    NOTE: NourishinG PacK™ can be mixed with curd for spa like shine to the hair.( Can be used once in 15 days with Curd)

    Step 2: APPLICATION OF StrengtheninG PacK™

    • 50 grams of StrengtheninG PacK™ is to be taken in a clean bowl and 100 ml of water is to be added to it.
    • This is to be applied on the scalp & entire hair length.
    • Leave for 1.5 hours and then wash off with water.
    • Follicle Stimulating Hair Oil HealthY HaiR™ is to be applied after the hair dries.
    • To be Shampooed off the next day (preferably) with M&D Kashyam™ based shampoo.

    NOTE : There might be a tingling and tightening sensation when you apply StrengtheninG PacK™.

    It is totally normal because the pack is working on your hair follicles.

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