With the popularity of result oriented MrilQ products, Maushumi is conducting workshops for individuals, small groups and corporates. Check if you would like to benefit from one.
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One on one session on WhatsApp/Skype:

An intense half an hour, one on one session by Maushumi herself, where she'll show you various massaging techniques of the face. This'll help bring a natural glow on your face, while flushing away the toxins from your body.

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Small group sessions on Skype:

A maximum of three participants will have a one on one with Maushumi. This session is aimed at teaching the art of taking care of your skin and hair along with a few yoga tips and techniques to bring out the glow in you.

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Big groups/ In-Person workshops:

Bring in your office or kitty group and learn about natural beauty with an intense, lunch included session with Maushumi. A maximum group of ten people, will be taught how to stimulate their lymphs and bring about the glow in their body and hair with sample MrilQ products.