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Beta version We are a one stop store for the wellness, wellbeing and good health for all men, women, children and lactating & expecting mothers. We have an exclusive range of skin care, hair care, body care, intimate care and a special range of...

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Our Range

The skin is a complex organ involved in temperature & heat regulation, gas exchange, protection against pathogens, and barrier function to maintain proper hydration. It also regulates sensation, storage and synthesis of vitamin D and the protection of vitamin B folates, absorption of oxygen and drugs .To maintain the skin structure and integrity , the skin needs different care at different times of the day and different seasons.

As the skin interfaces with the environment, it plays a key role in protecting (the body) against pathogens. Hence maintaining healthy skin and improving the skin immunity is key to maintaining a good health.

MrilQ has come up with different RANGES of products to maintain optimal skin health and improve SKIN IMMUNITY.

  • DawN Face Care Range

    The Hydration Range : For Face & Neck: Made from fresh flowers and fruits , they nourish the dry and dull skin and add on a special glow. Add it to your everyday regime!

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  • DusK Face Care Range

    The Healing Range: For Face & Neck : Made from fruits and vegetables, they provide a healing care with antiseptic attributes: A must have for sensitive skin!

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  • UltrabritE - Brightness Face Care Range

    The Brightness Range: For Face & Neck & Decolletage : Made from a perfect combination of fruit & seed oils to bring in the extra brightness & glow for special occasions: Add it to your evening out regime!

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  • UltrA - Anti Ageing Face Care Range

    The Anti Ageing Range: For Face & Neck & Decolletage : Made from fruits, flowers and vegetable proteins with potent antoixidants, they aid in collagen synthesis to bring in a youthful glow to the mature skin.

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  • Men’s Luxury Face Care Range

    The Luxury Range : For Face & Neck: The Men's Range: Made from root vegetables, barks and leaves, they are formulated to aid in deep cleansing and protection simultaneously. A "must have" for the Modern Man!!

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  • Men’s Beard Care Range

    Beard & Moustache Care: This range is scientifically formulated to go deep into the roots of the facial hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth. It moisturizes the skin, promotes hair growth, and has anti-bacterial benefits for healthy lush beard & moustache.

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  • Hair Care - Hair & Scalp Care Range

    The Hair & Scalp Range: Mountain herbs, tender grasses and underground roots are specially selected from Indian Herbology to maintain the “CROWN you wear everyday"

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  • Hair Colouring Range

    Hair Coloring & Maintenance : Hair coloring is perfected by using the natural pigments of #Henna, #Indigo , #Cassia, #Catechu #Walnut and adding the goodness of other herbs for maximum benefits: Safe for all ages!

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  • Body Care - Body & Intimate Range

    The Body & Intimate Range: Neck, Underarms & Intimate Areas: Herbs, spices & roots are specially curated and blended to care for the skin of our body,much exposed to the polluted environment. A daily requirement for all ages!

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  • Wellness Accessories Range

    The perfect Natural ADD ON: The Wellness Accessories range acts as a catalyst to enhance your experience with 100% natural MrilQ Skin & Hair Care.

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